Our equipment

OP – Microscope

Up to 25-fold in particular in root canal treatments to see enlargements the fine channels and prepare. Integrated light source and camera.

Ozone – disinfection

Ozon01 Deep End infection of the tissues by free oxygen

Photodynamic Disinfection

fotosan 02 a dye that is activated by light, kills the bacteria: recognized effective in deep periodontal pockets

Depotphorese with Kupfercalciumhydroxid

DP 01 disinfection throughout the canals of the root of a tooth, no other way to get there because …

light curing

Ra2 05

Automatically controlled torque motor Limited – endometric

ZX1apex 01

The device automatically measures the length of the root canal and extends it with a file. The engine automatically stops in front of the root tip and then turns the other way around themselves.

Abrasion devices

CPE 01a4 01

Digital X-ray

X-rays Reduced with almost immediate availability and superior image processing capabilities.

Infra oral cameras

These video cameras with recording capability, we can show you what is going on in your mouth.

Video Glasses

So you can see what we show you relaxed with the camera, but you can watch a movie on DVD during treatment.

Clean – Water – System

At any dental chair a separate liquid system is connected, so that one can use different disinfectants for treatment. In addition, the devices are thus descaled and cleaned hygienically. ,

Thermal disinfection

An elaborate dishwasher, the instruments are cleaned by a quarter of an hour at almost 100 degrees. Significantly lower risk of infection for all.


Sterilization with steam at alternating positive and negative pressure (vacuum) at up to 135 degrees.