Dental Hygiene

We help you to achieve a radiant smile

Dental health into old age is no accident. With regular professional cleaning periodontal disease and caries have no chance.

Your teeth are important to us, therefore, the provision should not fail because of high costs.

This is carefully carried out by our specially trained employees.

Professional teeth cleaning at a glance

  • Each professional tooth cleaning (PTC) is adapted to the individual oral situation of the patient
  • Oral hygiene Status and Evaluation of problem areas
  • remove all deposits on the tooth surfaces
  • cleaning between the teeth
  • polishing of the teeth
  • Fluoridation
  • Demonstration and motivation to proper oral hygiene, also in the mouth

We recommend using:

  • 2 meetings per year for patients with average oral hygiene.
  • 3x a year after periodontal treatment